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Music by Chris Wurzburg
Lyrics by John Horan and Kyle Vorbach
Directed and Edited by Kyle Vorbach
Director of Photography: Max Mehlman
Produced by Erich Westfield


Got our food and music and babies and cats
Most viral video on the internet
Wait– yo man, why you singing about that?
‘Cause every body loves Food Music Babies Cats

We’re eating all the time
Words that rhyme
They’re screaming and crying
And Cats!
I fucking love cats.

Music in our speakers
Food in our mouths
Yo I really love cats
I want a hundred in my house

My beats are always pumping
I like my food fast
Dress a baby like a kitty
Food Music Babies Cats

Psy is great but our music is better
Pictures of babies and cats in sweaters
Food is hot– it’s hot like weather
Chorus now, sing it all together!

Food Music Babies Cats x 8
Break it down!

Food Music Babies Cats
Cats Babies Music Food
Try to make this song go viral
And I think we did it dude!

I like my food like my music
And my babies like my cats
I put my food in my ears
And my babies on my lap

Yo food is good to eat (eat)
Musics got that beat (beat)
Babies got little feet (feet)
And I fucking love cats

A kitten’s like a baby cat
Add food and music I’m okay with that (x2)

Food Music Babies Cats x 8

If you only like food
Then I can call you maybe
Find the music and cats
And we can make the babies

John and Kyle listen up
Here’s how to seal the deal
If you want to go viral

(Breakdown with “Sex Appeal)

Food Music Babies Cats x 8

If you are a fan of the Lonely Island( or Flight of the Conchords (, or Gangnam Style (, you’ll love this. Watch the rest of our episodes!

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We sure do hope you found this video funny, Dad.

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